Aerobic Conditioning

When you take a look at a boxing fight, the fighters are dripping in sweat and out of breath, and that’s only the first round. It’s one of the few cardio exercises that works you heart as hard as it does and your lungs. Boxing conditions your lungs to get oxygen to the rest of your body and the harder you gasp for air during a workout, the stronger it builds your lungs. When your lungs are stronger and get air and blood to the rest of your body easier, you will notice the difference outside of boxing in your weight lifting sessions and even just recovering from daily life activities that take some effort. Boxing builds your body to where your recovery time from other exercises is so much quicker and your stamina and endurance are lengthened.

Healthy Weight

Using boxing to get healthy is one of the most effective things to do for your workout plan, especially if the goal is to lose weight. Boxers are notoriously thin because it burns so many calories, so if you want to set yourself up to lose the most weight, boxing workouts are the way to go.

Stress Relief

A mayo clinic study shows that all exercise can decrease stress, but boxing in particular can really take the edge off for you. Exercising releases hormones and endorphins that can calm you down and take a lot of pent up energy out and boxing in particular can take out aggression. Punching a speed bag or heavy bag can release a lot of anger or frustration you have making the rest of your life have a much more positive outcome and your mood will be better.

Muscle Gain

In addition to the health benefits that direct your life, boxing does work as a good workout to build muscle. It’s hard to not gain muscle when doing any of the many boxing exercises that are out there. With your muscles whipping back and forth and your body contorting at maximum speed and strength, it really works your upper body and lower body and can grow your muscles all through your forearm.

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