Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It’s hard to find exercise equipment as versatile as power bands. A staple tool in rehab training for several decades, power bands have grown in popularity as the go-to workout device for at-home muscle toning and trimming.

UFC Power Bands can be used to target specific muscle groups to provide a full body high resistance workout. Use them as booty bands for a glute toning and strengthening routine. Or just as easily incorporate them into a core workout, or to sculpt and define the arms and shoulders.

Perfect for leg day, back, chest & arm day, or even just to stretch, relax and recover, UFC Power Bands provide a wide range of functionality as well as being compact and lightweight enough for fitness on the go. Our bands come in a set of three, with varying resistance, so they’re great for all skill levels.

Below we have a quick, but challenging powerband workout designed for your entire body. So let’s stretch and get started.

Safety Note: Make sure your moves are slow and controlled, especially at high resistance. Don’t let the bands slip out of your grip and snap you!

8 Moves (Repeat Twice)

Take a 10 second break between sets

Front Squat Target: Legs & Glutes 2 Sets Of 15-20 Reps

  1. Step on the bottom of the band with your feet shoulder width.

  2. Grab the top of the band firmly and bring the back of your hands up to touch your shoulder. (Neck down your body should be inside the band.)

  3. In a controlled motion, lower yourself into a squat, keeping your chest and gaze forward, with your knees over your toes.

  4. Return to start position.