• Product Weight : 130KG / 286.6LB

  • 5in1 multi-functional-station: hip thrust , plyometric, deadlift, hyper- extension and glute-bridge

  • Gas assisted backrest

  • Adjustable in angle

  • Massive riffle-platform for increased stability

  • Total grip in any exercise

  • 8 pins each side for use of elastic bands to allow unlimited variety of exercises

  • 2 different grip options

  • Olympic stick and slices not included



On just 2 square meters, more than 30 different exercises can be performed, each varying regressively or progressively. The GLUTE BUILDER unites 5 training stations in just one device. Due to its unique, patented construction, this device enables the versatile execution of even the most difficult exercises such as "HipThrust" and "Glute Bridge". Combined with a wide range of accessories, the GLUTE BUILDER is suitable for beginners, advanced and professional athletes alike.


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