Preparation defeats fear. Prepare for training with the UFC Pro Training Head Gear and receive added protection from misdirected strikes through intense workouts. The multiple layers of foam provide multiple levels of protection. The exterior layer of EVA foam is contoured around eyes for optimal visibility and peripheral vision. The additional foam segment around the ear delivers extra protection to critical areas: temporal and earlobe. An open ear compartment prevents hearing restriction, so no vital guidance from a coach is missed. The ear channel also greatly decreases the risk of eardrum rupture by providing adequate air flow. A chin strap features a stainless-steel buckle with leather cover for a secure, comfortable and fully adjustable fit. In addition to the chin strap there is an adjustable hook and loop fastener at the back of the head for a fully customizable fit.

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Prepare for training with the expertly designed UFC Pro Training Headgear to add another level of protection to sparring.

• Provides additional protection against misdirected strikes

• Contoured design provides optimal visibility and peripheral vision

• Extra protection around vital areas

• Fully adjustable closing systems provide comfortable and secure fit

• Made from grade A cowhide leather exterior and non-slip moisture wicking lining


S | UHK-69958
M | UHK-69959

L | UHK-69960

XL | UHK-69961


S | 19x19x20CM / 7.4"x7.4"x7.8"

M | 20x20x20CM / 7.8"x7.8"x7.8"

L | 20.5x20.5x20.5CM / 8"x8"x8"

XL | 21x21x20.5CM / 8.2"x8.2"x8"


27.5x21x20CM / 10.8"x8.2"x7.8"


63.5x56x23CM / 25"x22"x9"


S | 0.61KG / 1.34LB

M | 0.64KG / 1.41LB

L | 0.65KG / 1.43LB

XL | 0.67KG / 1.48LB


S | 0.42KG / 0.93LB

M | 0.45KG / 0.99LB

L | 0.46KG / 1.01LB

XL | 0.48KG / 1.06LB

Case Qty : 10